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Lessons in business

Sales Video – A Selling Philosophy

Marketing 101 video- helping buyers Check out this quick 39 second sales video and see if this philosophy helps your firm!

Lessons in business

Marketing Video – Quick Thought On Dominating Google

There are myths surrounding SEO (search engine optimization) but really, it’s basic marketing as a framework. Watch this quick marketing video and see for yourself!

Lessons in business

Marketing And Sales Video – Are All Buyers Liars In Sales?

Well, not really. See what this marketing video says about that old expression!

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Marketing 101 Video – The 4th Question When Doing Marketing Planning

This quick 50 second marketing video completes the series of the 4 marketing questions every marketing plan should answer. These questions should also be answered on every website.

International business videos

International Business Videos – Three Bad Strategies For Global Market Entry

Here is a quick international business video which discusses three bad strategies for international market entry

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Marketing Advice Video – How Do You Pick A URL For Your Website?

Enjoy this quick piece of marketing advice and see how firms should better pick URL’s for their websites

video marketing

Marketing Video – Do You Need To Use Video On Websites?

Take a look at this quick marketing video and see what we think about using video to market websites (and everything else). Enjoy this free business advice.

International business videos

International Business Advice – Can Your Employees Handle Global Business?

Can your ordinary employees handle global business negotiations? Watch this quick international business video and see what you may be missing!

International Business Podcast On Global Strategy

Listen to this quick International Business Podcast on Global Strategy. Guest is David Weil, an old China hand.And click here for more International Business Podcasts

International Business Video – Should You Use Agents To Get Into Global Markets?

Should you use agents in international business? This quick International Business Video can give you some insight.