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Lessons in business

Sales Video – A Selling Philosophy

Marketing 101 video- helping buyers Check out this quick 39 second sales video and see if this philosophy helps your firm!

Lessons in business

Quick Sales Video – Two Questions To Help Sales People Diagnose A Sale

Check out this quick sales video and see some ideas on how to diagnose a sale! Find out about some international business consulting as well.

Lessons in business

Sales Video – When Do You Discuss Price In A Sales Meeting?

When is the best time to discuss price in a sales meeting?

Lessons in business

Marketing Video – What Else Should Sales People Do For Your Company?

Yes, sales people are supposed to bring in business, but what else should they be doing? Watch this quick marketing video and see!

Strategy – Can You Really Write A Strategy For Someone Else?

Of course, it’s always best when a firm writes it’s own strategy. When you look at having someone else do it, we need to able to answer these 6 questions: 1. What Has To Happen? 2. Who Do We Need To Reach To Make It Happen? 3. What Do They Need To Think, Know, Feel […]


Business Audiobook – Start Up Tips. Business 1 -Liners

Here is an audiobook of business 1-liners. There are 123 of them and cover areas including sales, marketing, HR, and Finance. Enjoy!

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Business Radio Show Podcast – The Main Reasons Sales Forces Fail

Why do sales forces fail? Here is a quick radio show addressing some of the most common reasons that sales forces don’t hit their target. You can guess that sales training is one of them!

Business Advice Strategy Advice – Strategy Comics for Fun And Education

\ Strategy Comics! A Fun Way to Read About Strategy! from Bill Decker Enjoy these strategy comics!

10 Incorrect Marketing Assumptions By 3D Printing Companies

10 False Assumptions With Marketing in the 3D Printing Industry from Bill Decker And yes, many more firms outside of the 3D Printing Industry make these mistakes!

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3D Printing Slide Show – 10 3D Printing Firms That Will Probably Fail

10 3D Printing Firms That Will Fail from Bill Decker Messing up royally is meant to teach us a lesson about how to achieve success during subsequent trials. If it’s embarrassing, devastating, even painful, we will remember, in our minds and muscles, to avoid making such a mistake in the future. Get 3D Printing advice […]