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Marketing Video – What Else Should Sales People Do For Your Company?

Yes, sales people are supposed to bring in business, but what else should they be doing? Watch this quick marketing video and see!

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Marketing 101 Video – How Do You Handle Business Cards?

How do you handle the back of your business cards? You have the real estate in your pocket, why not use it? Click here for more marketing videos.

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Marketing 101 Video Advice – What Do We Sell To Retailers?

Watch this quick marketing video and see what in fact, we are selling to retailers!

Personal Branding

Personal Branding For Finance

(Notes from personal branding discussion)

Why is this important?
The 4 K’s of a Kareer
Know how

On the sales side: “you’ve worked my clients well, where are YOUR clients?”

What are we really selling?

Why me?
Top O’ google
Career marketer for brands, companies and people
Personal bias to help

What is Branding?
The emotional relationship a prospect has with you/your offer/your company

What is Positioning?
The Intellectual relationship a prospect has with you/your offer/your company

Around the room; personal branding statement

Around the room redone: personal branding statement with a benefit to me/reason to talk

Marcom Triangle
10 word pitch (back of business card)
Elevator pitch (30 seconds)
1 Page pitch (CV? Cover letter?)
SM profile (linked in)
4 page website

Social Media
FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google+,
Instagram, Pinterest

Social Media in 5 minutes/day
Put up one tweet, 1 FB post

Social Media in 10 minutes/day
1 tweet, 1 FB, 1 LinkedIn, Join 1 conversation

Do’s and Don’ts
Headline is most important part of any post
Link the user where you want her
Get a professional photo
Get a personal Email address
Multi Media: Slide show, articles, photos, audio
Make the content unique. Don’t just forward an article, put a few comments on it (unique)

Why do I like Audio?

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Marketing Video – What Should Sales Managers Do About Sales Compensation?

Here is a quick 49 second marketing video about sales compensation…the main question is: should it be simple or complicated? Enjoy!

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Marketing Video – What Is The Best Sales Tool For Sales People?

Here is a one minute marketing video which looks at which is the best tool to arm your sales people with. You might be surprised when you see what it is?

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Marketing 101 – Do You Have Sales Problems?

Here is a quick video which asks the question: Do You Have Marketing Problems?

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Marketing Video – Tip On Setting Pricing In Sales

Here is a 35 second marketing video which talks about the two basic ways to price something when in a sales situation. Walk into a BMW dealer and tell them you want the latest and greatest 7 series, they’ll give you a price. Walk into the same dealer and say “I’ve got $20,000” and they’ll tell you what you can get! (no, not the same car).

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Marketing 101 Video-When We Sell Through Distribution, What Are They Really Buying?

So what do retailers and distributors really buy when they buy from us? Take a look at this quick Marketing Video and see!

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Marketing Video – Do You Want To Be In The Newspaper?

This marketing video asks a question about the news: Be IN it or BE it?