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International Business Videos – Chinese Firms Buying US Firms

Chinese Firms are Buying US Firms. What are they really buying? Why are Chinese firms doing Global Business? How can I get smart about Chinese acquisitions in the USA? Free, one minute international business advice brought to you by the International Business Minute Technorati Tags: international business videos, china podcast, funny podcast, global podcast, international […]

International Business Podcast – China

in this podcast, I went for an interview on Radio. But to make it more fun, we discussed “How NOT to do Business in China.” It should be a funny podcast. And it’s free! Technorati Tags: international business podcast, china podcast, funny podcast, global podcast, international marketing, international issues, strategy, market research, international research, planning, […]

How do you Grade a Foreign Market? – the Market Entry Toolkit

Before you spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, learn how to choose a market when you do international business or international marketing The importance of WHY a market is selected, HOW it is entered and WHAT other opportunities emerge makes your choice relevant and necessary. When going overseas your firm will “marry” an […]