Mistakes Americans Make With World Cultures – Free International Advice


What are common mistakes Americans make with world cultures? Are there easy errors to avoid in International Negotiations? Here is a free video

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Market Entry Toolkit. – Now an Ebook for Market Entry


How many times must a firm make the wrong market choice?

Need to know how to choose a market? The market entry toolkit can be downloaded for kindle, nook, ipad or computer.

Download the Mark Entry Toolkit and avoid international mistakes and international pitfalls

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International Business in One Minute – 3 Quick Market Research Tips


International Market Research in Only 1 Minute!

Here is a great way to get some quick, easy market research This won’t be a comprehensive way to understand a market, but you can get some quick, free information from the video below and learn about overseas markets

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International Business – Free Articles at Lessons from the Road


Global Business and International Business Advice.  Free articles and free International Business Advice


After Years of International Business


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International Business Advice – 3 mistakes in Off Shoring and Outsourcing


why did you think this would be easy?

This may sound very psychological, but is a fair question to ask. If (e.g.) making lounge chairs is difficult in Cincinnati, why would someone think this is easy say, in Malaysia? The language, culture, currencies and laws are different. It’s also thousands of miles away! Managing factory workers is tough in any country; much more difficult in unknown countries.


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International Business Videos – Free International Marketing Advice

The International Business Minute provides fast, friendly videos (1 minute) on understanding global business. Stream free business advice right from your computer!
  • educate yourself
  • help you inside your organization
  • defend your market choices
  • challenge your employees to think globally
  • enrich your customer relationships
  • or just be entertained.
These can be found in entertaining 1- minute vignettes at www.internationalbusinessminute.com  the first 6 are free!

Entrepreneur’s Advice at the Lemonade Stand


The words “entrepreneur” and “shoot from the hip” often go hand in hand. Why, we aren’t sure because the pace of business speeds quickly, so does the need for planning.

In many industries, the barriers to entry have been dramatically reduced. Competitors can come in from way out in left field and can put you out of business with ideas you never imagined. Strategic Planning forces you to pay attention to what is going on in the world so you can avoid that fate.

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Visit the Lemonade Stand for Business Radio- and See the New Look!


Many executives don’t want to do  strategic planning because they consider it a highly complex process that costs and time and energy of the senior management team.

But strategic planning doesn’t have to be mysterious, complicated or time-consuming. In fact, for entrepreneurial companies, it ought to be quick, simple and easily implement-able.”

Visit the Lemonade Stand for Business Talk Radio


Learn the secrets of business and marketing success in The Lemonade Stand business talk radio. Get business smart to impress your boss! Or take your own business to new heights!

Topics range from how to write a marketing plan, to negotiation basics, to definition of business terms to international business strategies. Download a free audio sample of their talk radio-style banter, view their written articles, buy a mini-book, access them for one-on-one consulting or check out their entertaining seminars and sessions.