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The Biggest Turf in The World

“If you’re going to swing, swing big.”
– Marbles G. Flatbush, Brooklyn

There are gangs who want to conquer everything. They don’t just want the stoop or even the neighborhood. They aren’t satisfied by their own state. Sometimes their own country isn’t enough. These mega gangs are trying to conquer regions, other countries, continents – world domination. A gang like that might be called the Russian army which has taken several countries by force and from the looks of it aims to take more.
We can look at the US government as one of those gangs that wants to dominate the world. Sometimes military occupation is used. Sometimes strategic negotiation is employed. And sometimes the methodology exists through trade.
We keep reading about those giant gangs in places like Los Angeles or Hong Kong or New Delhi where the gangs can have thousands of members and their goals are to grab entire territories of large metropolitan cities.
Earlier, we discussed the Mafia gang. But we didn’t point out how many places they really operate. Large presences of this gang could be found on the East and West Coast and then in pockets like Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Las Vegas and other select cities.

The crew I hung out with wasn’t so ambitious…two city blocks would’ve sufficed.

In marketing, we hear about companies going after more and more turf. Procter & Gamble, for example, is all over the world. P&G boasts that 95 out of 100 households in the USA have P&G products inside them.

As discussed, a great many companies look beyond US borders to foreign markets, foreign clients, foreign alliances and foreign suppliers.
But the biggest market in the world is not China with its 1.5 billion people, nor India with over one billion as well. The EU and the 500 million people within it isn’t the answer either.

The biggest market in the world is Google.

Google is kind of a catchall phrase for the Internet. That’s because Google, as the largest search engine in the world, is one of the dominant players. Google has the most viewers and crosses every socio-economic background, every race, color and nationality.
The gang of Facebook has made it pretty clear that they intend to continue world domination. As of the printing of this book, Facebook claims 1.86 billion loyal users worldwide. Facebook is bigger than China.

Facebook and Google can be seen as co-opetition in this huge cyber marketplace which is only growing. They cooperate in that Facebook power increases Google juice. And Google rankings often point to Facebook pages.

Many marketing gurus and professors alike are saying that 2017 is the year retail died. They point to the massive closures of stores like Sears and Macy’s (and many more).
Traditional retailers buckled to the cyber pressure exerted on them by Internet retailers (Etailers).

Gangs of marketers tout the Internet as a “level playing field” but we all know there’s no such thing. Anyone can put up a website and anyone can promote their site. But your cartoon broadcasting site is not going to do very well if you’re fighting the likes of Disney.

That is unless you know something they don’t know…

Mastery of Google is usually not enough for most businesses. The “click & brick” model is often preferred. It’s a salad with some traditional marketing and media and distribution tossed in with online marketing and distribution. Does your online business model match your offline model and does your offline model match your online one?
Hundreds of articles appear by bloggers daily which talk about how people can outsmart Google by figuring out algorithms and thus try to artificially gain search rankings.

You have to admire the moxie: these people think that a few kids with a computer and some experience can outsmart the likes of the billionaires who created Google and YouTube. I do feel sorry for people who buy into that philosophy. Often there is a great cost to their companies’ pocketbooks, reputations and of course, self- esteem.
Outsmarting Google is like trying to outsmart a teenager. It just won’t work. If you want to win over the teenager don’t try to outsmart her, try to give her what she wants.

Don’t try to outsmart Google. Just give Google what it wants. If you need to take over Ukraine, let Google know that. If you want to own a zip code in Denver, make sure your goals are in sync with what Google can give you.

Usually with Google, though, you are swinging big. If you aren’t doing something that has to stay local (like installing windows) why not take clients from China, Japan, New Jersey and Brazil?

But remember, the biggest guy has the target on him. As the Chinese say: “The fat pig gets slaughtered.”

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