Selling to the USA – Market Entry


More of what foreign business people see when trying to enter the USA is American marketing savvy — The United States sees itself as the world’s greatest marketer. No country has the global brands of the United States. Starbucks, Coca Cola, McDonalds, YouTube, iTunes and Facebook are all American phenomena. We may not brag about the highest-quality products, but we do brag about how well we know how to sell them. F

The USA is known as the cross-marketing pioneers — The United States also enjoys the idea that marketing runs through several disciplines. For example, one can find that Disney characters appear in movies, television shows, blogs, proprietary websites, online games, YouTube videos and even Burger King and McDonald’s meal packages. It is possible to buy Disney toys, Disney T-shirts, Disney games, enter Disney contests, read Disney newsletters, listen to Disney radio or get out of the house and see a full-length Disney movie. People even go and vacation at Disneyland.

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