International Marketing – International Market Entry Tips


Many companies cannot afford to hire an International Business Consultant

However if you want to get involved in International Market Entry, you should be able to dispel the following myths

If we make a better mousetrap, they will buy it.

If it was always about quality, then why doesn’t everyone always buy the best product?

English is the universal language, so we can simply sell in English.
Does everyone in the client organization speak, read and write English?

Our labor cost is too high to market our product overseas.

Our price is too high for overseas markets.

Our skilled marketers can take on overseas markets.

If we define marketing as awareness, understanding and
Our in-house foreign nationals can sell to overseas markets.

Our local partners will handle all of the marketing.

The customer expressed all of the buying signs, and even said “yes” to our proposal.

We don’t need to invest a lot; our Web site gives us a presence.

If it worked here (in the United States), it will work there.

The firms that realize this quickly always will have the advantage.

The Market Entry Toolkit can help a firm understand and overcome these myths

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