International Market Research- Two Quick Tips to Understand a Country


Here are two quick tips to research a country before going there

Go to dinner. If your business will take you to Thailand, go to a local Thai restaurant. Try to figure out who the managers and owners are. How are employees treated? How do they behave? Is the food presented in any special way? How long does the meal take, and why? What cultural observations can you draw from the way your meal and payment are handled?

Read a newspaper from that country. If you can find an English version or are heading to an English-speaking country, this will be easier. But most countries have newspapers that are published on the Internet, and many offer English versions.

Even if the language is different, look at the way the paper is laid out, how ads are handled, what colors (if any) are used and what sections may exist. How sophisticated is the design and typesetting?



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