International Business Consulting – 3 More Mistakes With India


Here are three other errors commonly seen when Americans do business in India

a) They will use of Western project management skills to manage Indian workers.

Again, Gant charts, MBO timetables, and artificial deadlines alone aren’t sufficient. And usually, the Asians will want many people involved, not just your own Project Manager. They will also expect you to spend time developing a working relationship.

b) The assumption that outsourcing to India will bring immediate savings when doing international outsourcing

This is usually untrue…and borders on ridiculous. There are set up costs, delays, and a relationship building process that will eat up much of the savings expected in the first year or two. You might even lose money at first!

c) The assumption that “if they speak English, they must think like us”

I still don’t know how Americans can think this is correct. Americans in general are typically poor at realizing that cultural biases are largely invisible. English ability does not guarantee similar thought, ethics, customs, or negotiation points.


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