3D Printing Interview Excerpt From Printaholic


…..The Future for Association of 3D Printing?

As the Association of 3D printing evolves, Decker believes that the organization–as well as 3D printing itself–defies geographical boundaries. Through innovative resources as well as unique networking capabilities, this organization continues to grow and become the dominant voice in the 3D printing community.

“U.S. countries selling in foreign countries is a personal goal of mine, and we have a great vehicle to do it,” Decker said.

What’s In Store For The Future?

With a personal bias created by 30 years of international market entry, Decker said that he believes the industry he works in defies geographical boundaries.

With global aspirations in mind, the Association of 3D Printing will partake in various co-sponsored conferences around the world and continue to market its brand. Just by visiting this organization’s website and listening to free podcasts, the Association of 3D Printing will rise to greater prominence not only in the 3D printing community, but also in the business world.

For more information please visit www.associationof3dprinting.com.