10 Ain’ts Of International Business – International Business Problems

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It ain’t gonna be easy
I have trouble understanding why Americans think that selling to a foreign country is easy. Many times they feel they can go to Asia, open a briefcase and start selling. This myth exists on the buying side of the equation as well. The streets are littered with entrepreneurs who feel they can just go get their product made in China even though they know nothing about China and may not understand production techniques and country/cultural variables either. If it was easy to buy and sell overseas, everyone would do it. American firms fail 82% in global business dealings.

It ain’t gonna be cheap
Everything about doing business overseas costs money. Sales, marketing, product enhancements, travel and a team of knowledgable executives all cost money. There are many government agencies that offer their services for free (or near free). But those agencies (even if they don’t collect a dime from you) don’t negotiate, educate, stimulate demand, collect your receivables and deliver product for you. All of those services (plus the ones you will have to add) have a price tag…and it usually isn’t a mysterious commission. When firms are under funded and look to expand globally, they probably ain’t gonna succeed.