Video on 3D Printing Industry – the 3D Printing Channel


We will witness the birth of a new generation of “makers.” When I got my MBA, my instinct was to stay away from manufacturing. Who needs the hassle? Labor problems? Environmental Protection Agency? Boats of raw materials that never get to me? Forget it. Marketing. Finance. That’s the place to be. Now a new generation of smart, young “makers” are entering the workforce and a new breed of entrepreneurs is arriving.

Brand interaction. I can interact with the eyeglass company’s website and make my glasses the way I want them. The company can handle the printing. The eyeglass firm can still use Ecommerce and overnight shipping. But the consumer can augment and customize. Controversy. When jobs disappear, people get upset. When you can 3D Print Guns,people get scared. When you can print body parts (known as bioprinting) people get uneasy. When a 12-year-old can scan and copy a product, people get suspicious. See More 3D Printing Videos at the 3d Printing Channel


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