Selling to the USA – Market Entry Assumptions


Again, when foreign business people sell to the USA, they do get more and more educated as to how Americans think. They often find

• A litigious mindset — A Canadian/U.S. joint venture in Colorado received a legal bill for $250,000. The Americans said, “That’s cheap.” The Canadians said, “Wow, that’s expensive.”
The U.S. legal system is a large cost of doing business here, and it surprises foreigners how quickly we’ll consult with an attorney and how involved attorneys can be in all levels of production, HR, negotiation, sales and technology…and of course all forms of market entry.

• The USA us the single hardest market in the world to do business — The U.S. market needs a great deal of money and methodology. To compete in the United States, companies must have adept managers; undertake excellent sales efforts; have the strong, fresh marketing support; and offer superior delivery with money-back guarantees. Compare this idea to the Asian and European ways of being connected and therefore being able to “get into the market.” It’s WHO you know abroad

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