International Business – US Firms Fail From Overseas HR Laws


As an International Business Consultant, I can tell you that US firms often fall prey to overseas HR laws. They get in trouble, lose money and often face lawsuits abroad when they engage in Global Business

Some tips to stay out of trouble in overseas markets

Use consultants, not employees. The Netherlands (which numbers about 16 million people) employs more management consultants than the United States, because of the HR laws there.

When possible, work with small entrepreneurial firms instead of employees. You may not be able to terminate employees easily (depending on which country you are in).

Find partners, a firm that complements your business. Let the partner deal with the laws in thier country.

Employ the new overseas employee you are wantingin the United States, and the send them back overseas to work. This person may have to reside in the United States for a part of each month or year.

Find people who understand these issues during your planning and due diligence.

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