International Business Problems – 3 Business Practices You Should Change in India


a) When outsourcing, firms put technical experts in charge of India projects.

Are your technical experts negotiators? Are they cross cultural specialists? Do they understand International Market Entry? If they possess both of those characteristics in addition to their technical expertise, then use them. Otherwise, supplement them with your business people.

b) Lack of training on the India team.

The common incorrect wisdom is: “software is software, leather jackets are leather jackets. If we know the business, we can work in international marketing.” This is simply NOT TRUE! Your staff dealing with India needs to be trained in HOW to conduct business there.

c) Lack of Support for India’s distributors and partners.

This mistake is made throughout the planet, including the home country of various firms. Foreign distributors need partners that will stimulate sales, and help them sell within their markets. Otherwise, sales will be disappointing or even nonexistent.


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