Enter the USA Market – 10 Questions Come to Mind When Entering American Marketplaces


Quite frankly, these questions work when Americans wish to market overseas as well!

When firms enter the US market, several questions come immediately to mind. These are the first that arrive.

What is the mode of entry (MOE)? License? Direct sales? Distribution agreements? Joint venture? Web based? Acquisition? All of these have various pros and cons. It is helpful to understand the MOE so that a budget can be properly prepared.

What is the budget? There are several ways to arrive at a budget. The first is usually to determine a firm’s goals and objectives, strategy, MOE and then understand the costs. Many firms do not do this, however. Many firms take a dollar amount, and “throw it at the market.” This is common with market research activities.

If your MOE is sales, (either direct or through some type of reseller) how will you find, train, motivate, compensate and support the network? The sad expression used is “once distribution is won, the deal is done.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. “Distribution” whether through reps or companies, must constantly be supported.
How will you support your sales? Will you consign free inventory? Will you translate and localize your marketing? Will you be doing advertising, public relations and web based marketing?

Do you have an understanding of the marketing oriented culture that the USA holds dear? Have you witnessed the American media machine that Americans love?

Have you seen the impact of Social Media on American business?

If your firm is European or Asian, is that an advantage or a disadvantage? If it is an advantage, can we use the advantage in marketing?

What is your story? Why is it different? Why is it better? Why do we need to know your story?

Who is the client, what is his problem, what is your solution, and why is it better?

Are you using an International Strategy or an American Strategy?

How will you measure success or failure?