It AIN’T Gonna be easy Why do people think it is easy to do business overseas? Culture, language, customs and laws are different!

It AIN’T gonna be fast The biggest single cultural difference is the perception of “time”

It AIN’T gonna be free Does your office have staff, machines, phones, vendors, and expenses? Why do you think that would be different abroad?

Your skills AIN’T gonna transfer Well, not completely. You may know all about “channel management” in Wisconsin, but Japan does it differently.

You AIN’T gonna enjoy it always Jet lag. Exhaustion. Lack of language. Cramped flights. Endless meetings. Tricky negotiations.

Your money AIN’T gonna guarantee success. Just because you are the buyer, doesn’t mean you will have an easy time buying what you want.

Your law AIN’T gonna win You AIN’T gonna sue If you do, you AIN’T gonna win If you do you AIN’T gonna collect

You AIN’T playing as equals No matter what your project, the strongest relationship will win…even if your product is better

They AIN’T gonna be transparent Americans say what they mean, and mean what they say. There aren’t many other cultures that do that

You AIN’T gonna succeed if you AIN’T knowing what you are doing

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