Marketing A DAO – A Blockchain Mystery


Chapter 1: The Enigma of DAO Promotion

1.1 Unveiling the Puzzle

In the cryptic realm of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), a mystery awaits. DAOs have emerged as enigmatic entities, governed by smart contracts and driven by the consensus of their participants. But how does one unravel the secrets of promoting and marketing a DAO? The journey begins with understanding the basics of this perplexing puzzle.

1.2 The Missing Pieces

To solve the mystery, we must first identify the missing pieces. Who are the target audiences, hidden within the shadows? What objectives lie in wait, ready to be unveiled? It’s a game of investigation and discovery, as we delve deep into the world of blockchain enthusiasts, crypto investors, and developers. By unraveling the desires and motivations of these elusive figures, we can tailor our marketing strategies to captivate their attention.

1.3 The Key to Success

Every mystery holds a key, and in the realm of DAO promotion, it lies within the compelling value proposition. We must unearth the purpose, mission, and impact of the DAO, and translate them into a captivating narrative. By addressing the pain points of the target audience and offering unique solutions, we unlock the door to their engagement and participation. The key to success is a value proposition that resonates deeply and sparks curiosity within the minds of potential participants.

1.4 A Clue to Identity

In the mysterious world of DAO promotion, branding is the clue to identity. We must build a brand that shines like a beacon in the night, guiding participants to our DAO’s door. From designing an enigmatic logo to crafting a consistent brand presence, every element must contribute to the intrigue. The brand story, mission, and values weave together to create an aura of trust and credibility. It is through this brand identity that we leave our mark and gain recognition in the bewildering landscape of DAO promotion.

Chapter 2: The Pursuit of Secrets: Strategies for DAO Promotion

2.1 The Trail of Content

In the pursuit of secrets, content becomes our breadcrumb trail. It is through content marketing and thought leadership that we leave hints and clues for potential participants to follow. Engaging blog posts, informative articles, and captivating visuals become our weapons of choice. We blend knowledge with intrigue, allowing our audience to stumble upon the truths hidden within the DAO’s realm.

2.2 Unmasking the Community

No mystery can be solved without unraveling the secrets of the community. We must engage and empower our participants, building a community that thrives on collaboration and shared experiences. By creating spaces for interaction, organizing events, and encouraging advocacy, we unlock the hidden potential of our community. Through their voices and actions, the true essence of the DAO emerges.

2.3 Allies in the Shadows

In the darkness, allies await. Influencer marketing and partnerships become our secret weapons, forging alliances with those who hold influence and trust. We seek out the enigmatic figures who command attention and admiration, leveraging their reach to shed light on our DAO’s existence. Through their endorsement and creative collaborations, we unveil our mysteries to a broader audience.

2.4 The Tokenomic Enigma

Within the DAO lies the enigma of tokenomics. We design incentive programs and reward systems that keep participants engaged and motivated. The intricacies of token distribution and usage become part of the grand puzzle. Through gamification and strategic incentives, we unveil the power of our DAO’s tokenomic landscape. It is through this enigma that we unlock the true potential of our participants’ involvement.

Chapter 3: Unveiling the Truth: Implementing Effective DAO Marketing Tactics

3.1 The Cryptic Clues of Social Media

In our pursuit of truth, we enter the realm of social media—a labyrinth of platforms that holds cryptic clues to our DAO’s success. We navigate through a maze of tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories, deciphering the hidden meanings behind likes, shares, and comments. The enigmatic algorithms become our companions, revealing the secrets of viral content and captivating our target audience in a digital web of intrigue.

3.2 The Gathering of Shadows: Events and Community Conundrums

As we delve deeper, we uncover the power of events and community engagement—the keys to unraveling the mystery of our DAO. We organize gatherings, both virtual and physical, where participants converge like shadows in the night. Through workshops, meetups, and interactive experiences, we create an atmosphere of collaboration and shared discovery. It is within these enigmatic community conundrums that the true essence of our DAO is unveiled.

3.3 The Whispers of Influence: Partnerships and Advocacy

But in the shadows, whispers of influence abound. We seek out allies, enigmatic figures whose voices carry weight and captivate audiences. Through strategic partnerships and advocacy, we shine a light on our DAO’s purpose and potential. These mysterious alliances become catalysts for growth, spreading the truth like whispers in the wind. It is through their support that our DAO gains recognition and penetrates deeper into the collective consciousness.

3.4 Decoding the Data: The Analytical Puzzle

In our quest for truth, we turn to the analytical puzzle that lies within the data. We analyze metrics, patterns, and trends, seeking patterns that reveal hidden truths. Like cryptographers, we decipher the code of user behavior, uncovering insights that guide our marketing strategies. Through iterative experimentation and data-driven decision-making, we refine our approach and unravel the secrets of successful DAO marketing.

3.5 The Revelation of Secrets: Adaptation and Evolution

Finally, in the twilight of our journey, the revelation of secrets emerges. We embrace the ever-changing landscape, adapting our tactics and strategies to stay one step ahead. The mystery of DAO marketing is never fully solved, but rather an ongoing adventure of adaptation and evolution. We remain vigilant, ready to uncover new truths and navigate the enigmas that lie ahead.

As we conclude this mysterious chapter, the journey continues. In Chapter 4, we’ll explore the challenges and future trends that await us in the ever-evolving world of DAO marketing. Prepare yourself, for the path to success is paved with intrigue and discovery. The truth of our DAO awaits, and only those who embrace the mystery shall triumph.

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Blockchain Position Piece – No More Lies, Tokenize! (Part 1)


Why Should I Even Read This?

I know what you’re thinking: it’s another white paper. Companies, Universities, governments and individuals write white papers. They are usually trying to promote something sell something, or pitch something. Green energy firms write white papers on the benefits of green energy. Universities write white papers on the benefits of higher education. Pharmaceutical companies write white papers on the benefits of their drugs or their treatments. Hey, even cigarette companies concoct white papers on the benefits of smoking cigarettes! But I’m not trying to pitch you. I’m not trying to get you to buy something, hire me, love me, kiss me, or work with me.





This is just a presentation of truth. And that’s the big difference. Sure, it would be great if more people worked with us. But this essay should educate, inform, and give a reality check. A lot of companies out there don’t want reality checks.





My dear friend in advertising called this a “position piece.” Ok. Its a position piece.





In decades of business I’ve gotten a chance to work with hundreds of CEOs…and always asked them one question:




“Do you want to hear the truth?”




The answer has always been “yes.” 100% of the time the CEOs have said “yes I want the truth.” However…no one means it.





In countless companies, joint ventures and consulting assignments I’ve only met two or three CEOs who actually want to hear the truth.





It’s funny, because 99% of the time my team is called in because a company has a problem that needs fixing. And the dynamic I’ve seen in decades of business is: people want to do the same thing, the same way, with the same people, but get a different result.




No, this piece isn’t the: “Great White Management Paper ” and I’m not trying to fix any companies. My mentor told me years ago that most companies don’t want to be fixed. I should have listened.





In the early 90s, my team spoke with one of the largest publishing companies in the Midwest. We were discussing the Internet. The executives all told me the Internet was  “snake oil” they said websites were “ridiculous” and then they lectured me as to why this new technology wouldn’t apply to their business. That company is out of business now.




When I got into 3D Printing, we met with companies all over the world – discussing where 3D Printing was going, and how the technology would revolutionize and democratize manufacturing. Most of the time we were told it would never work, never replace an assembly line, and hence, shown the door. Meanwhile the industry has exponentiated in the 10 years since those meetings.





During my involvement in international market entry, we showed companies that they needed to have a presence overseas. We demonstrated that many of the countries being ignored will become very powerful markets, and very formidable competitors. I can’t count the amount of times the inane line was:  “Well we’re going to dominate America first before we go overseas.”





You see, this is just human nature. People are afraid of what they don’t know. We’re all afraid of death because no one‘s ever come back and educated us. People are now afraid of the new economy. Governments are terrified of Crypto, NFTs and Blockchain. They may be trying to embrace it but they’re still scared of it. Talk to your banker about Crypto and your banker will tell you she hates it. 2 years ago, the CEO of a top 5 bank said that Crypto was a scam and his bank would never push it. That same CEO recently directed his company to spend billions of dollars getting into what they call the “Metaverse.”





The minds change quickly





Don’t blame the messenger, but most business decisions are based on two things: fear and greed. Any salesman hawking Life Insurance will tell you the same thing. So let’s get acquainted with what’s changing in the world and in this new economy. You can respond to the fear of not knowing about it and/or with the greed of wanting to get in on the party. Or you can not respond and miss the party.





My partners and I have set up a firm to uniquely take advantage of this trend. But this isn’t a sales pitch. It would be a mistake for me to convince a company to set up in China if they hadn’t already bought into the idea. My former firm could simply show them where the landmarks, pitfalls and opportunities were.




And then we could get them their firms in China. But convincing someone to go into China? That would be a mistake. It’s a mistake trying to Tokenize a company when they don’t see the possibilities.




Let’s make this paper amusing and not let it read like every other white paper out there. No “techno speak.” This ain’t gonna be the Magna Carta.




Bluntness only helps – it compresses time.




So see if you can nurse your way through these next pages. Pop open a beer if you have to, or coffee up.




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