Marketing Video – Is Your Marketing Plan Complete Or Not?

Did your firm finish your marketing plan?. Many would say “yes” and many would say “no.” The key here is to remember that a marketing plan is never finished, because the market doesn’t stand still!

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Marketing Videos – How Much Does It Cost To Make A Marketing Video?

So, what is the price of a marketing video? Well, that all depends, doesn’t it? This one was made on an iPad App

Sales Video – How Many Times Do We Need To Touch A Sales Prospect?

How many touches does it take? When I started selling, the old rule was 6. But what is it now, given all the media and confusion out there? Check out this quick sales video.

Sales Podcast – Why Is Sales Such An Unholy Term?

Why can’t people simply say that they are in sales? Why do they need to use words like “business development, client development, relationship development?” Everything we see, all day long, has been sold. We can use the term. Check out this quick sales podcast.

International Marketing Video – What Does “International Business” Mean?

What do people mean when they say “I’m in international business?” Check out this quick International business video.

International Business Videos – The Top 3 Mistakes In International Business

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Sales Podcast – Sales People Need To Teach Their Own Employers About The Market

Sales people don’t just hunt deals…they need to bring back market intelligence to the firm. Check out this quick sales podcast!

Marketing Video – Is Your Marketing Plan Finished Or Not?


Is your marketing plan finished? Check out this quick marketing video and see another option on marketing plans!

Sales Video – A Question About Who To Hire For Sales


Is it better to hire a sales person and teach him/her your industry? What is the better way to bring on someone for your company in sales? Click here for more sales videos.