NFT Poem, Written In Poor English – But Fun!


In da land o’ dig’tal, a thing dat be new,
NFTs be arrivin’, helpin’ biznesses brew.
Dey be all da rage, bringin’ value n’ moolah,
But me words might be mess’d up, like a babblin’ foolah.

Ya see, NFTs, dey be tokens unique,
On da blockchain, dey find da grand peak.
Dem biznesses, dey jump, wid hopes so high,
Sellin’ art, collectibles, reachin’ da sky.

Dey mint dem NFTs, like gold in dere hands,
Creatin’ scarcity, like hidden treasure in lands.
Wid blockchain tech, dey prove ow’nership true,
An’ da value it soars, like birds in da blue.

Dis new frontier o’ tradin’, it be wild n’ bright,
Biznesses explorin’, day an’ night.
Artists an’ creators, dey find new fame,
Sellin’ der works, buildin’ a brandin’ name.

Collectibles an’ mem’ries, all digit’ly sealed,
No need for physic’l things, it be revealed.
Da world o’ commerce, it be transformin’ fast,
NFTs be openin’ doors, unsurpassed.

But rememb’r, dear friend, me words may be off,
Me grammar an’ spellin’, it be a bit rough.
Though NFTs show promise, an’ money may flow,
Language, it be important, tae let it glow.

So don’t let me blunders, obscure da message,
NFTs can help biznesses, gain a vantage.
Embrace da technology, n’ its potent’yal grand,
But mind da language, in this digital land.