Global Business Videos Lost in Translation – International Business Failures

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Other mistakes made in translation

Not using professional translators.
This mistake takes several forms: using only an American English presentation for all markets, thinking in-house people who speak foreign languages can act as translators, hiring (e.g.) a Chinese waiter to translate for you, or using technological databases to do the work inexpensively.

Does the translation firm understand your market space? Did you get a cross section of good references, and have you spoken with them?

Engaging in translation activities at the last minute. Quality work in almost every field takes time.

Not getting expertise early.
It is imperative to get translators involved early on in the process, so that they can best understand your market, your company, and your offerings

Placing too high an importance on money.
If Koreans can’t read your brochure, what was the real savings?

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