5 Rules Of Marketing – As Told By Dr Seuss


Here are 5 marketing rules, inspired by the whimsical style of Dr. Seuss:
1. Know your audience, oh yes you must,
Understand them deeply, in whom you can trust.
Discover their needs, their dreams, and their strife,
To create marketing that brings joy to their life.

2. Set clear objectives, precise as can be,
To guide your marketing, and make it easy to see.
Increase brand awareness, or leads you may seek,
Define your goals, and outcomes you’ll reap.

3. Consistency matters, like a rhythm and rhyme,
Keep your brand’s message, in perfect chime.
With every interaction, on every channel,
Unify your voice, like a harmonious panel.

4. Embrace different channels, far and wide,
Online and offline, let your presence collide.
Social media, email, or a billboard so grand,
Reach your audience, across the entire land.

5. Share your value proposition, oh so clear,
Show customers why they should hold you dear.
Solve their problems, like a magical spell,
With benefits and features, you have to tell.

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