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Marketing Video – Which Social Media Sites Do You Need?

Think about it. There are many social media sites out there. But which ones do you need the most? Take a look at this quick marketing video and see.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding For Finance (Notes from personal branding discussion) Why is this important? The 4 K’s of a Kareer Kontacts, Kredibility, Klients Know how On the sales side: “you’ve worked my clients well, where are YOUR clients?” What are we really selling? Why me? Top O’ google Career marketer for brands, companies and people Personal […]

Marketing Video – Social Media Do’s And Don’ts

Here with Libby Weaver discussing things companies should and shouldn’t do with Social Media

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How to use LinkedIn Profile Your profile should have: Keywords in your description (e.g. Big data sales, big data analysis, data management, data consulting, business intelligence, analytics, saving money with data, data visualization) A professionally taken photo. Bite the bullet and pay someone if you have to. ($50). Clean background, business attire. I can’t tell […]

Global Business – Does Social Media Work Overseas

  There’s plenty of hype about how you can use social media to build your company. Can you do it in international business? In the United States, we’re told that if a business has a low marketing budget, it still can put up a Facebook page, for example, and profit from it. That remains to […]