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Choosing a Foreign Market – The Market Entry Toolkit

How do you select a foreign market correctly? Is there a way to “grade” a market and compare one country to another? How do you choose the correct way to enter a foreign market? How do you effectively sell in foreign countries? What are the roadblocks and pitfalls that await you overseas? How do you […]

International Business – 4 Threats in Market Entry

Here are 4 threats in international market entry Inferior planning Lack of knowledge about the US market. Inadequate marketing strategy Market niche not found. Lack of proper marketing campaigns. Insufficient support for channel partners and resellers. Lack of expert advice Only 1 type of advice. Working with the wrong consultants. Lack of experienced business professionals […]

International Business Advice – American Mistakes in International Marketing

A big mistake Americans make is they feel that: “if it works here, it’ll work elsewhere, the same way, the same model, often even with the same people.” I always joke that you have a sales manager who did such a great job with Kansas, that they’re now giving him Japan as a territory. And […]

International Market Entry – What are the Key Success Factors

“Plan your work, and work your plan.” An international market entry plan contains hundreds of elements, but these initial 20 are the most critical for success abroad: An appropriate amount of planning time. Too often companies approach foreign markets and cut corners on the necessary planning time. The idea of “getting on a plane and […]