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Sales Video – Watch Out For This Sales Pricing Blunder!

Don’t make this mistake when closing a deal selling! It’s all about the timing…

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Marketing Video – What Are We Really Selling When We Sell?

Here is a quick 45 second marketing video that asks: What Are All Salespeople really selling?

Marketing to the US Market- International Business Advice

Here is s new twist. How should foreign firms market to the USA? What major differences might they see here? These are 4 thoughts for foreign firms to think about in the American Market:   Time is money The idea of spending time, wasting time, borrowing time, buying and selling time is uniquely American. Foreign […]

Top 10 Tips for Selling Products in the United States

These tips can help a U.S. firm advise its overseas business partners, and hopefully see some of the limitations and constraints in our own culture. Also, showing the idiosyncrasies of the U.S. market makes U.S. firms more aware about how to sell abroad. Read the latest article from Lessons From the Road here: Top 10 […]