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Lessons in business

Sales Video – 3 Tips For Working With Channel Partners

Here is a 54 second sales video to give you a few tips when working through channel partners.

Lessons in business

Sales Video – An Alternative Definition Of The Word “Sales” In 3 Words Or Less

Try these three words to think of sales process as well as sales people! Who are they?

Lessons in business

Sales Video – Define “Selling” In 3 Words

Here is a quick 3 word definition of selling. We can use others as well, such as “solving customer problems”

Sales Podcast – The 7 Elements Of A Sale

In this post, we borrow the episode from our friends at “the Lemonade Stand”

Lessons in business

Sales Video – What Is The Worst Thing You Can Do To A Sales Person?

Lessons in business

Quick Sales Video – Two Questions To Help Sales People Diagnose A Sale

Check out this quick sales video and see some ideas on how to diagnose a sale! Find out about some international business consulting as well.

Lessons in business

Sales And Marketing Video – How Do You Change Someone’s Mind?

What is the best way to change someone else’s mind? Take a look at this quick marketing video and see.

Lessons in business

Marketing Video – Death Of A Salesman

Check out this quick 54 second marketing video and see the #1 killer of sales people!

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Marketing 101 Video-When We Sell Through Distribution, What Are They Really Buying?

So what do retailers and distributors really buy when they buy from us? Take a look at this quick Marketing Video and see!