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Lessons in business

Sales And Marketing Video – How Do You Change Someone’s Mind?

What is the best way to change someone else’s mind? Take a look at this quick marketing video and see.

Lessons in business

Quick Sales Video – A Bus Dev Tip For Everyone!

Here is a quick 44 second marketing video with a business development tip everyone can use.

Lessons in business

Quick Sales Video – Does Your Firm Have A Hidden Sales Force?

Here is a quick marketing video asking the question: Does your firm have a hidden sales force? Yes, it does!

Lessons in business

Marketing Video- Telling Vs. Selling!

Enjoy this quick marketing video and remind your sales people not to make this blunder!

Lessons in business

Sales And Marketing Video – Define Selling In 3 Words Or Less

Watch this 47 second marketing video and get a 3 word definition of the word “selling.” Enjoy!

Lessons in business

Marketing And Sales Video – Are All Buyers Liars In Sales?

Well, not really. See what this marketing video says about that old expression!

marketing lesson

Marketing 101 – Do You Have Sales Problems?

Here is a quick video which asks the question: Do You Have Marketing Problems?

marketing lesson

Marketing Advice Video – What Is The First Rule Of Sales?

Take a look at this quick 1 minute marketing video and see what the first rule of sales is!

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Business Radio Show Podcast – The Main Reasons Sales Forces Fail

Why do sales forces fail? Here is a quick radio show addressing some of the most common reasons that sales forces don’t hit their target. You can guess that sales training is one of them!

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Business Podcast – Why is Sales Such An Unholy Word?

Why is Sales such an unholy word? Hear two sales guys talking about the sales stigma. Everything you see, from the moment you wake until the moment you sleep has been sold. Maybe some sales training will help?