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Global Business Podcast on OutSourcing. Does It Make Sense?

Here is an interesting international business podcast Outsourcing isn’t new and is getting lots of news coverage. Often, we Americans use the term “outsourcing” when we’re discussing sending jobs overseas. “Offshoring” is a better term to describe that phenomenon. As with every fundamental business decision, there are good and bad execution strategies. Many firms that […]

3D Printing and Outsourcing Difficulty – The Outsourcing Solution

This little comic illustrates some of the outsourcing problems firms have. And it suggests 3D Printing as the better way to solve the problem.

International Business Advice – 3 Mistakes in Outsourcing

This one minute international business video discusses 3 common mistakes in outsourcing.    

International Outsourcing-4 Tips for Companies

• Ask yourself: Why did you think this would be easy? This may sound psychological, but is a fair question to ask. If making lounge chairs is difficult in Cincinnati, why would someone think it’s easy, say, in Malaysia? The language, culture, currencies and laws are different. It’s also thousands of miles away. Managing factory […]

International Business Advice-5 Tips for Importers

Here are 5 tips to help importers in international business • Get the right introductions. Being introduced to the same outsourced partners you already know is a classic Asian way of doing business. Introductions are valuable because the Malaysians now know someone else is in the mix — watching, monitoring and, if necessary, keeping everyone […]

International Business – Tips to Manage Remote Workers

In Global Business, more and more firms rely on overseas talent. Can firms manage employees overseas the same way they manage remote employees in the United States? What is the difference between managing an IT worker in Utah and one in Ukraine? The differences of culture, work ethics and communication can make managing (in our […]

International Business – 2 Tips in Outsourcing

• Train your production management. If your production management knows how to make lounge chairs in the United States, train them properly about how to manage Malaysian (or wherever you’re doing business) factories, workers and processes. Be prepared to send a good production manager overseas for at least a year. This is a good way […]

International Business – Advantages and Disadvantages to Using An Importer

There are several advantages to using an intermediary to import products from overseas: They tend to know what they’re doing. In international business this is a huge help They understand the exporting country’s language, culture and business practices. Intermediaries know how deals are done and can avoid complications. Intermediaries may do much business with factories […]

International Business Consulting – 3 More Mistakes With India

Here are three other errors commonly seen when Americans do business in India a) They will use of Western project management skills to manage Indian workers. Again, Gant charts, MBO timetables, and artificial deadlines alone aren’t sufficient. And usually, the Asians will want many people involved, not just your own Project Manager. They will also […]

Managing People Abroad- Lose Control in International Business

When engaging in International Business, my advice is to Lose control. If you think for a second you are going to control an Eastern European employee just because you’re paying them, you’re mistaken. Try to control a U.S. employee for a while. It won’t happen. Influence is more than just a title and signature on […]