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Lessons in business

Marketing Video – You Have Got Web Traffic, Now What Do You Do With It?

So now, what do you do with your web traffic? Check out this quick marketing video and see!

Lessons in business

Marketing Video – Using Goldhirsch’s Triangle To Explain An Employment Market

Does this make sense in your industry?

Lessons in business

Marketing Video – How Many Touches Do You Need To Make A Sale?

Check out this quick marketing video and see how many touches experts feel is necessary to make a sale!


Quick Marketing Video – How Does Marketing Communications Work?

Enjoy this quick marketing video- It shows how to begin your Mar Com journey

Marketing Infographic – How To Do Content Marketing

Embedded from Digital Marketing Philippines

Marketing Comics and Fun With Marketing Directors!

Here is just a fun marketing comic to enjoy!

International Business Podcast- updated episodes

International Business Advice – Branding Overseas

When branding your firm in an international market, there is really one question you need to ask:  what is the emoitional connection I want my customers and prospects to have with my company? Working in international markets requires an understanding of the market’s  emotional responses; not merely a description of what your company does. Remember, […]

International Business Advice-Dealing with India

The biggest pitfall in market enty: The expectation that a contract ends the negotiation. Many times, a contract is singed, and then negotiations continue. Business people in India do not place the contract at the end of an agreement. Wow! More assumptions? 1) The assumption that India is homogenous. India is old, and large. It […]

International Business Podcast – The International Toolkit is Revamped Take a look at the new international toolkit. These are podcasts that deal with market entry, myths of overseas business, international business mistakes, international negotiations and global business problems. You can listen to the podcasts for free. They promise to be fun, informative and of course, free.