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Quick Marketing Video – What Is The First Mistake Made In Marketing?

Take a look at this quick marketing video and avoid the number one mistake in marketing your firm!

Marketing Video- What Is The Biggest Problem For Companies When They Pick URL’s?

Here I speak with Libby Weaver about URL do’s and don’ts. It’s a quick minute and a half marketing video. Enjoy!

10 Incorrect Marketing Assumptions By 3D Printing Companies

10 False Assumptions With Marketing in the 3D Printing Industry from Bill Decker And yes, many more firms outside of the 3D Printing Industry make these mistakes!

Business Training SlideShow – Marketing Mistakes in 3D Printing

Marketing Blunders and Marketing Errors in 3D Printing from Bill Decker here are 3: 1. Being hard to find on Google. Can’t spell it. Can’t Google it. Can’t find it. 2. Confusing marketing and sales. Marketing is awareness, understanding &belief. Sales is the juncture point. 3. No branding. Poor branding. Does your team know the […]