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International Business Article – Is Getting A Distributor Enough In International Business?

Here is a case for distribution: A U.S.-based software firm was attempting to enter Asian markets. It thought the quickest way to success was to find accomplished distributors who would carry its software. U.S. firms experience an 85 percent failure rate selling to Asia, so this firm wasn’t willing to undertake heavy investments there. After […]

Global Business Advice – What Happens When Firms Fail To Translate Documents in International Sales?

Here is an International Business Video about the failure of translation and how it effects international negotiations.

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International Business Article – Inventory of Global Business Issues Faced Overseas

BUSINESS ISSUES OVERSEAS Market Research: Identifying and Locating Buyers/Competitors/Market Forces Are connections necessary in this market, and if so, is your firm connected in the market? Can you purchase these connections? What is the size of the potential market, and is there an expressed market need? What language does the market speak? Are there several […]

International Sales – Can Software Programs Help?

It’s much different globally. CRM is pushed by owners of companies, because CRM is a way to collect information about custom-ers and salespeople. And informa- tion is a corporate asset. So if a salesperson resigns, gets fired, or is hit by a bus, the corporation can still protect its database of knowledge. It can still […]

International Sales-Selling to the USA

It’s unusual to write a global business column, which is published for a largely American audience, about how to sell into the United States. However, many businesses are advising foreign firms about what’s needed to successfully sell into the United States and how decisions are made here. Also, showing the idiosyncrasies of the U.S. market […]

International Market Entry – What are the Key Success Factors

“Plan your work, and work your plan.” An international market entry plan contains hundreds of elements, but these initial 20 are the most critical for success abroad: An appropriate amount of planning time. Too often companies approach foreign markets and cut corners on the necessary planning time. The idea of “getting on a plane and […]