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International Business Videos – How Does Time Effect Business Trips? More and more international business videos can be found at the link. How many countries should be visited on business trips? Are business trips too short? Time is money. Overtime, Borrowed time, time and a half. These are all American views on time but they can really hurt international business negotiations facebook: […]

Global Management- Spot A Global Business Fraud

Here is a 1 minute video to help you spot a global business fraud. It’s fun, informative, and free. visit us at linked in: check out our podcast: see more videos:

Free Global Business Podcast: “How to Lose Your Shirt Abroad, Episode 5”

Here is some free advice on staying out of trouble overseas, when working in foreign countries. Part 5 of an 8 part podcast series

International Business – Chinese Negotiations

Effective Openings: Presenting Your Position Most Western negotiators will begin a negotiation in China by “getting down to business” and presenting a list of the key items they wish to discuss. This reflects a general Western preference for focusing on tasks before relationships. The Chinese, on the other hand, often prefer to agree first on […]