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International Business – Mistakes With Chinese Negotiations

Here are 4 mistakes commonly made in international business and international negotiations with Chinese 1) Assuming all Chinese are alike Singapore Chinese resemble mainland Chinese the way Americans resemble British. Shared language, some shared values, but otherwise different business techniques and norms 2) Moving too quickly; not having enough time Chinese cultures are ancient. China […]

International Business – Advantages and Disadvantages to Using An Importer

There are several advantages to using an intermediary to import products from overseas: They tend to know what they’re doing. In international business this is a huge help They understand the exporting country’s language, culture and business practices. Intermediaries know how deals are done and can avoid complications. Intermediaries may do much business with factories […]

International Business Videos – How to Use an Interpreter Overseas

One Minute Global Business Videos. See the Video below and get free international business advice on how to use an interpreter. The is brought to you by the International Business Minute Technorati Tags: international marketing, international business videos, international negotiation, strategy, market research, international research, planning, international business, off shoring, outsourcing, making products, Global business, […]