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10 Mistakes and Misconceptions When Businesses Enter International Markets

If we make a better mousetrap, they will buy it. The question here is, do you think that factor alone is the necessary and sufficient condition to sell overseas? If it was always about quality, then why doesn’t everyone always buy the best product? Many overseas buyers will purchase an inferior product from someone who […]

International Business Advice – American Mistakes in International Marketing

A big mistake Americans make is they feel that: “if it works here, it’ll work elsewhere, the same way, the same model, often even with the same people.” I always joke that you have a sales manager who did such a great job with Kansas, that they’re now giving him Japan as a territory. And […]

International Business – Food is the Key to Culture

this is from the international business minute… a series of 1-minute international business videos

International Business Advice- Business Introductions

Europeans, Asians, Africans and South Americans do business by introduction. Americans are the only people in the world who do business with strangers. In business, the personal introductions serve as an entry barrier to other vendors, a qualification of the vendor and a built-in troubleshooter (the introducer). The introducer can also give valuable international business […]