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Global Business Podcast- How to Lose Your Shirt Abroad- Episode 7

This is International Toolkit’s Global Business Podcast; Episode 7 of an 8 part series

International Business – 2 Tips in Outsourcing

• Train your production management. If your production management knows how to make lounge chairs in the United States, train them properly about how to manage Malaysian (or wherever you’re doing business) factories, workers and processes. Be prepared to send a good production manager overseas for at least a year. This is a good way […]

International Business – Chinese Negotiations

Effective Openings: Presenting Your Position Most Western negotiators will begin a negotiation in China by “getting down to business” and presenting a list of the key items they wish to discuss. This reflects a general Western preference for focusing on tasks before relationships. The Chinese, on the other hand, often prefer to agree first on […]

International Business – 3 International Business Tips

When doing International Business, keep these 3 tips in mind Having an employee who can speak French does not mean you have an employee who can do business in France. • Many cultures associate a low price with low quality, and may not buy for that reason alone. • Social media can be better for […]

International Business – American Slang Hurts International Negotiations

The international business video will give the viewer a one minute lesson on how to hurt international negotiations when doing international business

International Business Problems – 3 Business Practices You Should Change in India

a) When outsourcing, firms put technical experts in charge of India projects. Are your technical experts negotiators? Are they cross cultural specialists? Do they understand International Market Entry? If they possess both of those characteristics in addition to their technical expertise, then use them. Otherwise, supplement them with your business people. b) Lack of training […]

International Business Podcast – Common Failures in International Marketing is my international business podcast. We now have over 1 million listeners! Enjoy the free podcast which should be informative, funny and entertaining. When looking at international market entry issues, it’s a good free, first step.

International Market Entry – 3 False Assumptions

(3) Imported goods are often better. Evidence of this is that Americans often prefer to drink French water, drive European cars, wear Italian suits and buy Swiss watches. However, Japanese consumers may be concerned with how Japanese a product is. European firms may wonder about the factories that foreigners will cause to shut down. Countries […]

Managing People Abroad- Lose Control in International Business

When engaging in International Business, my advice is to Lose control. If you think for a second you are going to control an Eastern European employee just because you’re paying them, you’re mistaken. Try to control a U.S. employee for a while. It won’t happen. Influence is more than just a title and signature on […]

International Business Advice- Business Introductions

Europeans, Asians, Africans and South Americans do business by introduction. Americans are the only people in the world who do business with strangers. In business, the personal introductions serve as an entry barrier to other vendors, a qualification of the vendor and a built-in troubleshooter (the introducer). The introducer can also give valuable international business […]