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International Business Videos – Three Bad Strategies For Global Market Entry

Here is a quick international business video which discusses three bad strategies for international market entry

International business videos

International Business Advice – Can Your Employees Handle Global Business?

Can your ordinary employees handle global business negotiations? Watch this quick international business video and see what you may be missing!

Global Business Video-How Do Executives Handle International Business Demands?

Many times, U.S. companies want to sell their products overseas, but aren’t willing to make the required investment to do it right. For primary markets that a firm is really wants badly, going cheap isn’t advisable. But it can be done less expensively — if you get a partner, and if you’re careful. International business […]

Global Business Video – How Do You Spot An International Business Fraud?

How Do You Spot An International Business Fraud? Quick 1 Minute Global Business Video

International Business Video Discusses Global Business Executives

Quick Global Business Video- Can Your Employees Handle International Business?

International Investing – 10 Things to Consider When Taking Money From Overseas

1. Will your other investors mind? Will your current investors care if more funds come from country X? Does country X help or hurt them financially, legally or psychologically? Getting your current investors’ permission might be necessary. 2. Will your overseas investors have access to your company’s trade secrets? Frequently, investors want to understand and […]

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Global Business Podcast on OutSourcing. Does It Make Sense?

Here is an interesting international business podcast Outsourcing isn’t new and is getting lots of news coverage. Often, we Americans use the term “outsourcing” when we’re discussing sending jobs overseas. “Offshoring” is a better term to describe that phenomenon. As with every fundamental business decision, there are good and bad execution strategies. Many firms that […]

International Business Videos – A Horror Story Abroad

Here is a horror story you want to avoid, outlined in this quick international business video.

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Global Business Videos Lost in Translation – International Business Failures

Other mistakes made in translation Not using professional translators. This mistake takes several forms: using only an American English presentation for all markets, thinking in-house people who speak foreign languages can act as translators, hiring (e.g.) a Chinese waiter to translate for you, or using technological databases to do the work inexpensively. Selection Does the […]

International Business Lessons From A Chinese Restaurant

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! What a Chinese Restaurant Taught Me About International Business A great gateway to understanding a foreign culture and overseas business styles can be explored in your neighborhood Chinese restaurant. The interactions and lessons in your local noodle parlor can […]