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International Negotiating Video- Free Business Tips

  Is a deal a deal? Watch this one minute video and decide for yourself

International Business Video – Spot International Frauds

    This one minute video shows how to spot an international business fraud. It is entertaining, informative and free

International Marketing – Myths About Social Media Abroad

In International Business, The five main myths in social media abroad are: Customers turn to peers for help. Overseas, especially in service-oriented countries in Asia, customers expect that help from the firm itself, not a user group. Corporate transparency is key. Why would anyone think that holds true abroad? Most countries don’t have the rights to free […]

Global Business Video – Spot an International Business Fraud

This one-minute video could save your company a lot of wasted time and money take a look at the youtube video and save your company a lot of aggravation!    

International Business – 2 Tips in Outsourcing

• Train your production management. If your production management knows how to make lounge chairs in the United States, train them properly about how to manage Malaysian (or wherever you’re doing business) factories, workers and processes. Be prepared to send a good production manager overseas for at least a year. This is a good way […]

International Business – 3 International Business Tips

When doing International Business, keep these 3 tips in mind Having an employee who can speak French does not mean you have an employee who can do business in France. • Many cultures associate a low price with low quality, and may not buy for that reason alone. • Social media can be better for […]

International Business Advice – American Mistakes in International Marketing

A big mistake Americans make is they feel that: “if it works here, it’ll work elsewhere, the same way, the same model, often even with the same people.” I always joke that you have a sales manager who did such a great job with Kansas, that they’re now giving him Japan as a territory. And […]

International Business – 3 More Mistakes in Hiring

Here are 3 more mistakes made in hiring foreign nationals (4) Task them as you would Americans. Today’s management styles are about tasking with autonomy, getting “out of the box” and saying things like: “Here’s the job, you are the team, make it happen.” But do all types of foreign employees really want to take […]

International Business Consulting – 3 More Mistakes With India

Here are three other errors commonly seen when Americans do business in India a) They will use of Western project management skills to manage Indian workers. Again, Gant charts, MBO timetables, and artificial deadlines alone aren’t sufficient. And usually, the Asians will want many people involved, not just your own Project Manager. They will also […]

Top 10 Tips for Selling Products in the United States

These tips can help a U.S. firm advise its overseas business partners, and hopefully see some of the limitations and constraints in our own culture. Also, showing the idiosyncrasies of the U.S. market makes U.S. firms more aware about how to sell abroad. Read the latest article from Lessons From the Road here: Top 10 […]