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Global Business Video – 3 Tips To Use Before Your Next International Business Trip

Here is a quick 1 minute international business video to prepare an executive for his or her next global business trip.

International Business Podcast On Global Strategy

Listen to this quick International Business Podcast on Global Strategy. Guest is David Weil, an old China hand.And click here for more International Business Podcasts

International Business Videos – One Minute on Global Business Strategy

3 Bad International Business Strategies. Here is a one minute video on common but bad international business plans. Businesses study countries and their markets as they ponder which international markets to enter. They often ask such questions as: • How big is the market? • What is our market niche? • How do we reach […]

International Business – What Does it Cost to Enter a Market

This is a question I get asked all the time and, of course, there’s no simple answer, because it always goes back to the strategy. And your strategy has to have that mode-of-entry piece. How are we getting in, and what are we looking for? Are we looking for a partner who’s going to take […]