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International Marketing Strategy- Using PR Overseas

Public Relations (PR) according the the PRSA (public relations society of America) is defined as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This is an American definition. And quite frankly doesn’t seem to be accurate or broad enough. We’ve all seen enough public relations efforts that are designed […]

Strategic Planning Workbook Now Online

Without a strategy we are lost. How do we even know if we’ve “won?” If we don’t have a target and clear definable, measurable ways to hit our target, how can we determine our own success? In three decades I’ve had the chance to see firms try to build new products, enter new markets, acquire […]

International Marketing and Business Culture

Culture is the biggest stumbling block. It isn’t language; language is only part of culture. A culture is a way of doing things and a belief system. The biggest mistake Americans in international Marketing make is in really not respecting or being interested in the culture they’re about to work in. And then, when they are […]

Global Business Video – Spot an International Business Fraud

This one-minute video could save your company a lot of wasted time and money take a look at the youtube video and save your company a lot of aggravation!    

International Business Advice – Branding Overseas

When branding your firm in an international market, there is really one question you need to ask:  what is the emoitional connection I want my customers and prospects to have with my company? Working in international markets requires an understanding of the market’s  emotional responses; not merely a description of what your company does. Remember, […]

International Business – 3 International Business Tips

When doing International Business, keep these 3 tips in mind Having an employee who can speak French does not mean you have an employee who can do business in France. • Many cultures associate a low price with low quality, and may not buy for that reason alone. • Social media can be better for […]

International Business Advice-Dealing with India

The biggest pitfall in market enty: The expectation that a contract ends the negotiation. Many times, a contract is singed, and then negotiations continue. Business people in India do not place the contract at the end of an agreement. Wow! More assumptions? 1) The assumption that India is homogenous. India is old, and large. It […]