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International Business Videos – How Does Time Effect Business Trips? More and more international business videos can be found at the link. How many countries should be visited on business trips? Are business trips too short? Time is money. Overtime, Borrowed time, time and a half. These are all American views on time but they can really hurt international business negotiations facebook: […]

International Business Tips- One Liners for Global Business

Now downloadable for kindle, nook, ipad, or whatever you electronic reader. Global Business 1,2,3 is finally available from Lessons From the Road. Smashwords is now publishing this guide at:

Global Business- American Slang Hurts International Business

Global Business – Does Social Media Work Overseas

  There’s plenty of hype about how you can use social media to build your company. Can you do it in international business? In the United States, we’re told that if a business has a low marketing budget, it still can put up a Facebook page, for example, and profit from it. That remains to […]

International Marketing and Business Culture

Culture is the biggest stumbling block. It isn’t language; language is only part of culture. A culture is a way of doing things and a belief system. The biggest mistake Americans in international Marketing make is in really not respecting or being interested in the culture they’re about to work in. And then, when they are […]

International Business Podcast- Now Available on iTunes

You can click on this link for a Podcast on International Business Advice  which is now in Itunes! You can also go to and click the RSS feed button, which will feed you podcasts regularly. These are informative and free!

International Business – 3 Tips on Dealing With Foreign Suppliers

• Are you being educated about the process involved? Importing products across borders can present many difficulties, including quality control of products ordered, timing of deliveries, insurance, product specifications and claims. When importers tell you to simply “leave it to them,” then your organization isn’t learning. Learning how to import from International Suppliers is crucial. […]

International Business Problems – 3 Business Practices You Should Change in India

a) When outsourcing, firms put technical experts in charge of India projects. Are your technical experts negotiators? Are they cross cultural specialists? Do they understand International Market Entry? If they possess both of those characteristics in addition to their technical expertise, then use them. Otherwise, supplement them with your business people. b) Lack of training […]

International Market Entry – 3 False Assumptions

(3) Imported goods are often better. Evidence of this is that Americans often prefer to drink French water, drive European cars, wear Italian suits and buy Swiss watches. However, Japanese consumers may be concerned with how Japanese a product is. European firms may wonder about the factories that foreigners will cause to shut down. Countries […]