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Marketing Video – What Is An International Market?

Do we believe there is such a thing? I don’t agree with term. See the vide and see if you agree! Click here for more international business videos!

International Business Advice – What Happens When Firms Don’t Translate?

Take a look at this international business video and learn in 1 minute what can happen when a firm fails to translate their materiel!

Global Business Video – How Do You Spot An International Business Fraud?

How Do You Spot An International Business Fraud? Quick 1 Minute Global Business Video

International Marketing – Using Commissioned Agents to Enter Foreign Countries. Is it Good to Use Agents? An International Business Video Series about how to enter and succeed in global marketing. An international market entry plan contains hundreds of elements, but these initial ones are the most critical for success abroad: An appropriate amount of planning time. Too often companies approach foreign markets and cut corners on the necessary planning time. […]

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International Business – Can Piracy Be A Business Model?

We can’t even really get an accurate picture of how big the counterfeit industry is. Estimates range from the billions of dollars to the hundreds of billions of dollars annually. For example, the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA) estimates that music piracy alone costs the U.S. economy $12.5 billion annually and $2 billion in […]

3d Printing- Will This Industry be in the USA or Overseas? Part 1

Could 3d Printing be better overseas? Part 1 As the whole world is talking about 3-D printing, at the 3-D printing authority I’m starting to believe that the United States will not dominate this reinvented industry. This could be a stronger industry overseas. There are two reasons for this. The first is the litigious nature […]

International Business – 3 Mistakes In Hiring

When doing international business, don’t make these errors when you choose who’s going to work for you in another country. (1) Assume that a foreign national can do anything and everything regarding their country. Too many times, we’ve seen Chinese engineers acting as negotiators, French diplomats take on the role of market access people, and […]

International Business – Food is the Key to Culture

this is from the international business minute… a series of 1-minute international business videos

International Business Advice- Business Introductions

Europeans, Asians, Africans and South Americans do business by introduction. Americans are the only people in the world who do business with strangers. In business, the personal introductions serve as an entry barrier to other vendors, a qualification of the vendor and a built-in troubleshooter (the introducer). The introducer can also give valuable international business […]

Business Talk Radio – Strategic Planning

A lot of entrepreneurs avoid strategic planning because they consider it an overly complex process that can cost a lot of money and take up all the time and energy of the senior management team. But strategic planning doesn’t have to be mysterious, complicated or time-consuming. In fact, for entrepreneurial companies, it ought to be […]