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International Business Video – Should Companies Use Importers?

So what can our importer do? • First, it should be certain it’s compliant, and can learn how to be so by talking to a customs broker about the appropriate duties and tariffs. • Find out if there are special impediments to importing a given product. This will help the company decide if this endeavor […]

Global Business Advice- Should Firms Use Importers

International Market Entry- Using Foreign Agents Overseas

Should you use overseas agents when exporting into an overseas market? This one minute video will help.

International Business Advice-5 Tips for Importers

Here are 5 tips to help importers in international business • Get the right introductions. Being introduced to the same outsourced partners you already know is a classic Asian way of doing business. Introductions are valuable because the Malaysians now know someone else is in the mix — watching, monitoring and, if necessary, keeping everyone […]

International Business – 3 Tips on Dealing With Foreign Suppliers

• Are you being educated about the process involved? Importing products across borders can present many difficulties, including quality control of products ordered, timing of deliveries, insurance, product specifications and claims. When importers tell you to simply “leave it to them,” then your organization isn’t learning. Learning how to import from International Suppliers is crucial. […]

International Business – Advantages and Disadvantages to Using An Importer

There are several advantages to using an intermediary to import products from overseas: They tend to know what they’re doing. In international business this is a huge help They understand the exporting country’s language, culture and business practices. Intermediaries know how deals are done and can avoid complications. Intermediaries may do much business with factories […]