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International Business Video – Spot International Frauds

    This one minute video shows how to spot an international business fraud. It is entertaining, informative and free

International Marketing – Myths About Social Media Abroad

In International Business, The five main myths in social media abroad are: Customers turn to peers for help. Overseas, especially in service-oriented countries in Asia, customers expect that help from the firm itself, not a user group. Corporate transparency is key. Why would anyone think that holds true abroad? Most countries don’t have the rights to free […]

Business Talk Radio – Funny Business Radio on Global Business

click on the link below for part 2! how to lose your shirt abroad, Part 2 This Radio Show is on International Business and talks about ways to lose money on overseas dealings

Mistakes Americans Make With World Cultures – Free International Advice

What are common mistakes Americans make with world cultures? Are there easy errors to avoid in International Negotiations? Here is a free video Technorati Tags: Global strategy, foreign cultures market research, international research, planning, international business, off shoring, outsourcing, making products, Global business, marketing, business planning, marketing abroad strategic consulting