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Global Business SlideShow – 10 Questions To Ask In International Sales

Global Business – 10 Questions To Ask In International Sales from Bill Decker . Does this market require local sales talent? . In face-to-face meetings, are there any cultural conventions that the American sales person should observe? . Is the sales person held to a different ethical standard than is the population in general? . […]

Global Business Advice – What Happens When Firms Fail To Translate Documents in International Sales?

Here is an International Business Video about the failure of translation and how it effects international negotiations.

3 Bad Strategies In International Market Entry

Free, Short and Helpful international business advice

International Business Video – Use Your Employees or Use Outside Help

This one minute video in Global Business is free on Youtube! Enjoy! It discusses the need to not simply use your foreign born employees to take your firm into international markets.  

International Sales – Can Software Programs Help?

It’s much different globally. CRM is pushed by owners of companies, because CRM is a way to collect information about custom-ers and salespeople. And informa- tion is a corporate asset. So if a salesperson resigns, gets fired, or is hit by a bus, the corporation can still protect its database of knowledge. It can still […]