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International business videos

International Business Videos – Three Bad Strategies For Global Market Entry

Here is a quick international business video which discusses three bad strategies for international market entry

International business videos

International Business Advice – Can Your Employees Handle Global Business?

Can your ordinary employees handle global business negotiations? Watch this quick international business video and see what you may be missing!

Global Business Video – 3 Tips To Use Before Your Next International Business Trip

Here is a quick 1 minute international business video to prepare an executive for his or her next global business trip.

International Business Videos – Spot a Global Business Fraud This one minute video talks about how to spot frauds and con men in international business. One minute of watching this video could save your company! Visit our podcast: Linked in: How do you enter a foreign market?

International Marketing and Business Culture

Culture is the biggest stumbling block. It isn’t language; language is only part of culture. A culture is a way of doing things and a belief system. The biggest mistake Americans in international Marketing make is in really not respecting or being interested in the culture they’re about to work in. And then, when they are […]

Global Business Video – Spot an International Business Fraud

This one-minute video could save your company a lot of wasted time and money take a look at the youtube video and save your company a lot of aggravation!