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Choosing A Foreign Market – The Market Entry Toolkit

How do you select and enter a foreign market? A toolkit has been developed to help executives choose and enter international markets. Click here to get this toolkit at the itunes book store. Or get it mobi, kindle, and nook ready at http:/  You’ll find spreadsheets, market explanations, definitions, grading criteria audio and video …all in […]

Choosing a Foreign Market – The Market Entry Toolkit

How do you select a foreign market correctly? Is there a way to “grade” a market and compare one country to another? How do you choose the correct way to enter a foreign market? How do you effectively sell in foreign countries? What are the roadblocks and pitfalls that await you overseas? How do you […]

How do you Grade a Foreign Market? – the Market Entry Toolkit

Before you spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, learn how to choose a market when you do international business or international marketing The importance of WHY a market is selected, HOW it is entered and WHAT other opportunities emerge makes your choice relevant and necessary. When going overseas your firm will “marry” an […]

How Do You Choose A Foreign Market?

The Market Entry Toolkit will guide you through the process of choosing and entering foreign markets The Market Entry Toolkit is now on and is available for Ipad, Kindle, Nook and other readers. Users of the toolkit will learn how to choose, evaluate, grade and enter foreign markets. Costly mistakes can inlcude money, time, […]