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International Negotiating Video- Free Business Tips

  Is a deal a deal? Watch this one minute video and decide for yourself

International Business Video App for Google and Android

International Business in One Minute – 3 Quick Market Research Tips

International Market Research in Only 1 Minute! Here is a great way to get some quick, easy market research This won’t be a comprehensive way to understand a market, but you can get some quick, free information from the video below and learn about overseas markets Technorati Tags: strategy, market research, international research, planning, business […]

International Business – Free Articles at Lessons from the Road

Global Business and International Business Advice.  Free articles and free International Business Advice     technorati feed: ZQUWRTQDA7Y4   Technorati Tags: international business, strategy, planning, business videos, Global business, marketing, business planning, strategic consulting, ZQUWRTQDA7Y4 

International Business Advice – 3 mistakes in Off Shoring and Outsourcing

why did you think this would be easy? This may sound very psychological, but is a fair question to ask. If (e.g.) making lounge chairs is difficult in Cincinnati, why would someone think this is easy say, in Malaysia? The language, culture, currencies and laws are different. It’s also thousands of miles away! Managing factory […]

International Business Videos – Free International Marketing Advice

The International Business Minute provides fast, friendly videos (1 minute) on understanding global business. Stream free business advice right from your computer! educate yourself help you inside your organization defend your market choices challenge your employees to think globally enrich your customer relationships or just be entertained. These can be found in entertaining 1- minute […]

International Business in One Minute

Got a minute? No one can learn all about international business in 1 minute. But you can get familiar with many basic issues, and avoid making costly mistakes. Any mistake you can prevent far outweighs the price of our product. Where else can you arm yourself in 1 minute for 1 dollar? We have compiled […]

The Market Entry Toolkit is Ready for Purchase!

Buy the Market Entry Toolkit today and receive a free subscription to the International Business Minute. Click here: Market Entry Toolkit 30 years of international market experience in one toolkit! Technorati Tags: market entry, market entry toolkit, Bill Decker, business videos, international market experience