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5 Questions Every Executive Should Be Asking Themselves – Big Data Video

It is the duty of executives to asses the overall health of their companies. This is no easy task. Assessments can become quite complex and overwhelming. Start out simple: Ask yourself these 4 questions to determine what area you should be looking at. Having trouble answering these questions or unsure of your answers?

3D Printing And Big Data – The Marriage Between Them

3D Printing And Big Data – What Do They Have In Common? from Bill Decker

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Big Data and Business – Quick Video

Data is being created and consumed everywhere! In what ways does data affect your life today?

Big Data Fears? Why Do People Fear Data Analytics?

5 Reasons Firms Fear Big Data Analytics from Bill Decker Here is a quick big data slideshow about how data analytics arouses fear in people.

Big Data Revolution Slide Show

Big Data Revolution Is Here from Bill Decker Is Big Data in your life?

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Global Business and Big Data – You Are In The Big Data Business

Big data is becoming one of those overused buzz words. You can’t turn on a website or look at a social media app without reading about big data. However, like many overused buzzwords, most people don’t know what it means. Rich Batenburg Jr, of Cliintel in Denver has been involved in what we call big […]

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Big Data and Big Global Business – International Business Podcast

Is Big Data the next Big Business? Check out this global business podcast and listen to Rich Batenburg Jr of Cliintel explain why.