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3D Printing Industry Predictions – Who Will Be the Next Players in the 3D Printing Industry?

3D Printing Slide Show – Who Will Be The Next Players in the 3D Printing Industry from Bill Decker For more on the 3D Printing Industry, check out the 3D Printing Trade Association

3D Printed Head – And Hairdresser

A lot of interest in the 3D Printing Industry. This is because 3D Printed products are easier to get, cheaper to make and more common in the marketplace.

3D Printing and Outsourcing Difficulty – The Outsourcing Solution

This little comic illustrates some of the outsourcing problems firms have. And it suggests 3D Printing as the better way to solve the problem.

3D Printed and 3D Unbreakable

Find more videos at:

3D Printed Tools- Why Drive to the Store

Is it quicker to 3D Print a nut and bolt, or drive to the hardware store? And what if you had to go to the trouble of importing it? It looks like 3D Printing will save plenty of time in this case.

3D Printing Myths- Challenged

From the Book: How to 3D Print Money. Myth #1: 3D printing will not catch on because it is too technical. The interesting question is, too technical for who? Engineers and manufacturing technicians have always been technical people. These practitioners have been dealing with design drawings and specifications and blueprints (print and electronic) for decades, […]

Another 3D Printing Book Review

More reviews of how to 3D Print Money!

3d Printing Myths- 3d Printing is Too Technical

Myth #1: 3D Printing will never catch on because it is too technical. This technology uses specialized diagrams, complicated drawings, unusual materials, and requires an understanding of engineering, computer aided design (CAD), and computer automation. The 3D printing machines need special parts that are not easily available. Myth #1: 3D printing will not catch on […]

3d Printing- Will This Industry be in the USA or Overseas? Part 1

Could 3d Printing be better overseas? Part 1 As the whole world is talking about 3-D printing, at the 3-D printing authority I’m starting to believe that the United States will not dominate this reinvented industry. This could be a stronger industry overseas. There are two reasons for this. The first is the litigious nature […]