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3D Printing Book Review – A Funny Review of How to 3D Print Money

Here is another obviously fake review of my book on 3D Printing. But you may enjoy the book about the 3D Printing Industry.

3D Printing Book Review – Reader Loves Book and Does Humorous Review

See it on the web at

3D Printing Book Review

review of how to 3d Print money, available at online retailers and of course, Amazon

3D Printing Book Review – 3D Printing Fans

Here is another review of How to 3D Print Money. See the reviews at: and check out the book on Amazon or any online Book retailers

How to 3D Print Money Ebook- Now on Kindle

Current Trends on 3D Printing. Fears. Opportunities. It’s all here. You can find this Ebook for 2.99 at Kindle. Also on and Smashwords.

Book Review-How to 3D Print Money

Ebook Review- How to 3D Print Money

The first book reviews are here for How to 3D Print Money and so far the critics enjoy! Available now as a downloadable ebook here